Carlos Frizone

Carlos Frizone

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Carlos H. Frizone was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 2, 1954. He received a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, in 1978. He continued his graduate studies (Master in Sanitary Engineering) at Florida International University in Miami, and later on he took several marketing and managerial courses through American Management Association.

Associated since 1978 with engineering firms and the private industry, Mr. Frizone got progressively more responsible technical, administrative and marketing roles encompassing all aspects. Engineering activities included design, construction, planning, cost analysis, and overseeing contractors in real estate development projects. After two years of working in Marna S.A., an engineering firm, Mr. Frizone showed his entrepreneurial spirit by starting his own consulting firm: Craft S.A.. At the end of 1981 Mr. Frizone moved to the United States and worked for the first few months as a consultant for Ecosystem Engineering, a Miami based company.

After becoming a Registered Engineer in the State of Florida, in 1982 Mr. Frizone founded Environmental Technology Exchange, Inc. (ETx), a consulting engineering and trading company. Through ETx, he exported a variety of equipment for engineering projects into South America. ETx, operates today, mainly as a consulting firm and is working on projects in South Florida.

During 1982, Mr. Frizone was contracted by S.F.S. (a Swedish company based in Miami) to develop a new wastewater treatment process and implement it's application in plants around the world. The process was successfully developed and in 1984 Mr. Frizone moved to the Fort Myers area, when Munters Corporation (another Swedish company based in Fort Myers) bought the rights to market these products. Mr. Frizone worked as marketing manager for this $700,000,000 international corporation with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 1988 Mr. Frizone got his Real Estate License and joined DeWolfe & Johnson Realty, Inc.. During his first year in real estate, Mr. Frizone had already been involved in over $3,4 million worth of successful real estate transactions. Acting as Trustee, he bought a 5 acre corner piece at Shire Ln. and Daniels Road in December 1988, and paid $325,710. The property sold three months later for $545,000. The two transactions closed on the same day, thus requiring only $5,000 of deposit money as investment to realize the deal.

Mr. Frizone served as Trustee for the Bonita US41 Land Trust I. This trust was formed in May 1989 when he acquired 5 acres on the corner of Old 41 and Tamiami Trail in North Bonita Springs .This property was sold on September 1991 at twice the price it was bought for. On June 1989 Mr. Frizone, acting as Trustee, contracted 3.5 acres on US41 in North Bonita Springs, and the Bonita US41 Land Trust II was created. This property was sold in March 1999 at 30% return on invested money.

Mr. Frizone is a resident of South Fort Myers, Florida, and he is currently licensed with Realty Group of Southwest Florida